The ultimate benchmark in forestation machinery in Australia and around the world.

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Savannah Equipment is the world’s leading manufacturer of reforestation equipment for tropical, sub-tropical and temperate forestry plantations. We export across the globe a very robust range of equipment, to suit the largest dozers, skidders and wheel tractors available.

Our product range extends from forestry applications into agricultural disk plows, land clearing equipment, salinity and soil conditioning equipment, road graders and road maintenance equipment.

Since its inception, Savannah Equipment has designed and patented a wide variety of totally innovative and highly productive equipment, which have set new standards in cost effectiveness, productivity and low service life.

What we offer

Range of Equipment

  • Soil conditioning equipment
  • Bedding plows
  • Offset disks
  • Spot cultivators
  • Land clearing equipment
  • Agricultural disk plows
  • Road graders
  • Road maintenance equipment

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